What is Shiatsu?
  What to Expect?
  Benefits of Shiatsu

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  The body as a whole can be improved through regular shiatsu treatments. By stimulating the

  Ki (human bio-energy), shiatsu improves circulation and balances internal organs and meridians to  

  enhance your overall health. The tension in your ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective tissue   

  is reduced with acupressure and assisted stretches. 

  Illness in the body is seen as a disharmony in the balance of your system. This results from an 

  inability to adapt adequately to challenges both internally and externally. For Shiatsu practitioners,  

  this disharmony is apparent as a disruption in the flow of Ki which will cause the processes of 

  elimination and regeneration to deteriorate, constituting the basic condition underlying most forms  

  of illness. Shiatsu treatments are beneficial for a variety of conditions and age groups.  Regular 

  shiatsu treatments are recommended to improve and maintain health.

Treatments are performed on a comfortable mat on the floor, however if you are unable to do this the practitioner may use a  

massage table. You will remain fully clothed with no use of oils or lotions throughout this relaxing experience. Most benefit is gained 

when you commit to yourself and your health and have a course of at least 3 to 5 sessions, preferably bi-weekly or monthly.

Shiatsu treatment is a safe and effective tool for stress management, and is highly effective for various other issues including, but not

limited to:    

Anxiety and Depression


Asthma and Emphysema

Back, Neck and Shoulder tension

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Circulatory problems

Digestive/lower bowel problems



High Blood Pressure

Inflammatory conditions


Menstrual Problems


Repetitive Stain Injuries


Sports injuries

Stress and related


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